Cognistat Cognitive Assessment

Cognistat is the leading cognitive test for assessing the five major cognitive ability areas: language, spatial skills, memory, calculations and reasoning.  Cognistat was developed at Stanford University and is standardized for adolescents, adults and seniors (60 – 84).  It can be administered by any suitably trained healthcare professional.  The Cognistat assessment and screening test has been culturally adapted with clinical validity in many languages by collaborating with important universities, academic institutions and customers worldwide.  With over 400 peer-reviewed scientific articles, Cognistat’s use in patients with stroke, dementia, traumatic brain injury, major psychiatric disorders and substance abuse is well documented.


"I have been looking at Cognistat with admiration. It will foster a relation, clarifying and reassuring, with a patient -- a sort of collaboration. So many patients, I am sure, get traumatized and misdiagnosed through a sort of mindless, and sometimes callous, testing which ignores all the factors that can influence one's performance."

- Oliver Sacks, MD
Author and Professor of Neurology

There are many different cognitive test instruments available but few have the carefully chosen design and validated content of Cognistat. Cognistat is the #1 choice of neuropsychologists for cognitive screening in the US and Canada. 

Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology
Read the report by Rabin, Barr and Burton on the “Assessment practices of clinical neuropsychologists in the United States and Canada”.

The Cognistat Cognitive Test now comes in two versions:

  • Cognistat, the original 20 minute test that looks at 8 different performance criteria
  • Cognistat Five, a new shorter 5 minute test looks at 4 performance criteria and is focused on Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)
  • Both versions provide a new proprietary index – the MCI Index – which is based on a complex five factor algorithm.

Both versions are available in three different formats:

  • The traditional paper and pencil version
  • The on-line database empowered version with full HIPAA compliance
  • The off-line computer assisted version designed for high security and military applications

The Original Cognistat is available in three different formats:

  • Cognistat Assessment System (CAS-II) : a web-based, computer-assisted format with electronic data records (EDR) and longitudinal data analysis capabilities – ideal for multi-center use. 
  • Cognistat Paper: the original Cognistat paper-and-pencil test.
  • Cognistat Active Form: a new computerized PDF format that does not require web access and has a built-in expert system to assist in evaluating Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) – ideal for situations where web access is not available or not permitted.

           Each format has its own individual starter kit, which provides everything needed to begin testing 

Cognistat Five is also available in three formats:

  • Cognistat Five: a web-based format with the MCI Index, electronic data records (EDR) and longitudinal data analysis capabilities.
  • Cognistat Five Paper: a two-page paper-and-pencil version of Cognistat Five.
  • Cognistat Five Active Form: a new computerized off-line PDF format with the MCI Index and which can also upload data to an on-line database and electronic data records (EDR) - ideal for situations where web access is not available or not permitted.

           Each Cognistat Five format also has a unique starter kit.