Cognistat Assessment System (CAS-II)

Cognistat Assessment System
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The Cognistat Assessment System is a computer-assisted on-line version of the original test

Cognistat is a recognized gold standard for domain-specific cognitive screening and testing that was developed at a Stanford teaching hospital by a neurologist, neuropsychologist and a neuropsychiatrist.  More than 400 peer-reviewed articles describe its power in assessing the cognitive functioning of patients with a broad range of medical, neurological, psychiatric and substance-related illness.

What the Cognistat Assessment System Tests

Cognistat has long been recognized as the leading cognitive screening instrument for assessing the five major ability areas:

  • language
  • spatial skills
  • memory
  • calculations
  • reasoning

Cognistat also examines the three foundational areas:

  • attention span
  • registration (learning)
  • orientation.

How the Cognistat Assessment System Can Be Administered

The test can be administered by a range of health care clinicians, including:

  • psychologists
  • nurses
  • physicians
  • speech therapists
  • social workers

Testing can be done at home, in a clinic, in a private offices and remotely via an on-line video link (e.g. Zoom etc)

Cognistat Assessment System:

  • Is administered by a health-care professional
  • Guides clinicians in identifying information regarding state factors that have the potential to impact patient performance.
  • Provides detailed information on medications that may impact test performance.
  • Provides automatic scoring.
  • Automatically generates a graphic profile that highlights areas of impairment and relative intactness
  • Contains an embedded copy of the Cognistat Manual, which provides real-time help to the examiner on all aspects of test administration, including the phrasing of questions and evaluation of answers..
  • Creates a patient electronic data record (EDR) that can be used to generate longitudinal data and facilitate data analysis, comparisons and trending.
  • Permits the user to create custom cognitive profiles that represent local normative populations.
  • Allows data to be shared between and among clinical groups.
  • Runs on Windows, Mac and iPad Systems.
  • Is fully HIPPA, HL7 and Part 11b compliant.

The Cognistat Assessmemnt System (CAS-II) can be administered in the following languages

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Czech
  • Arabic


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