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Review of the Cognistat Assessment System

Review of the Cognistat Assessment System (CAS-II)

Cognistat Five and the MCI Index

Cognistat Five the MCI Index Ver 5

Cognitive Assessment in an Aging Population

Ralph J. Kiernan, Ph.D.                        web seminar

View Dr.  Kiernan on the "Cognitive Assessment in an Aging Population" web seminar discussing Cognistat, and the web-based Cognistat Assessment System »

The Next Generation of Cognistat - An Introduction to Cognistat and the Cognistat Assessment System

Jonathan Mueller, M.D.

Dr. Mueller offers an introduction of Cognistat Paper and the Cognistat Assessment System for new Users:

The Next Generation of Cognistat

The Cognistat Assessment System - An Introduction for Cognistat Users

Ralph J. Kiernan, Ph.D. 

Dr. Kiernan introduces the Cognistat Assessment System to previous users of Cognistat Paper:

Introduction to CAS

The Concept of Disability

Ralph J. Kiernan,  Ph.D.

Neuropsychologists are constantly faced with a complex clinical task that requires them to draw upon a broad empirical data base in relating test scores to brain dysfunction. 

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